Kim Foley attended Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston. Her major was Illustration and her main focus and passion is working in watercolor.

Kim loves capturing a moment in time or a perfect lighting situation. She is fascinated by very casual moments between people such as a cup of coffee or a lunch break. She paints old classic signage simply because they just don't make them the way they used to. Most of her paintings include classic American storefronts, signage and other touches of the culture from the sixties though the nineties.

Kim has been teaching art at Camp Pequossette in Watertown, MA for 8 years and has also held an afterschool "Creative Crafts" course for kindergarteners through the Watertown Recreation Department at three different elementary schools. She is on the Watertown Mural Commitee, and also worked with twenty middle school students to complete a large painting for the September 11th memoral event in Watertown, MA in 2013.

Her designs were chosen for two of the Charles River Watershed Associations' events in 2011; The Charles River Cleanup Event, and the Run of the Charles Event. Also her design was also chosen to advertise the 2011 Breckenridge Film Festival in Breckenridge, CO. Her watercolor was printed on the cover of the Pet Gazette in 2012, and she completed 4 large panel paintings that hang outside of Asiana Fusion Restaurant in Watertown, MA. Kim has been doing digital freelance work for Bennett Family Eye Care in Belmont, MA for the past three years.